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Tue Oct 11 21:35:58 UTC 2022

I run several servers, a couple on SKB-Enterprise, which is very 
inexpensive, and a couple more on the Oracle Cloud that run at no cost. 
On the SKB-Enterprise servers, I choose Ubuntu 20.04 with ISPConfig as 
my control panel that allows me to configure email and websites very 
easily and does most of the heavy lifting behind the scenes in a secure 
way, although I also do other sysadmin stuff over ssh or sshfs. My 
Oracle Cloud servers run Ubuntu 22.04, and I don't do anything with 
ISPConfig on those, since it doesn't yet support 22.04, and even the 
newest Debian is older than I would like. In any case, the Oracle Cloud 
free tier can't be beat, with 4 2GHz ARM A72 processor cores and 24GB 
RAM, along with 2 AMD servers with 1 virtual core each and 1GB of RAM, 
with a total of 200GB of disk space between them, all at no cost 
whatsoever. The only catch is that you choose a home region when you set 
up and can't change it later, so I would suggest New York or Amsterdam, 
being two of the best connected regions in the world. In any case, the 
server provider probably won't answer your question, but for the OS, I 
would say that Ubuntu if it is available will give you the best 
compromise between stability and security of the OS and relatively 
younger age of the software, although upstream Debian is probably my 
second choice, since it has been updated a bit more frequently in recent 
years; just be sure to enable backports.


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