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Yes, as I've read all your great responses on this, I realise that the VPS
itself doesn't have to talk, as I can SSH into it or use PuTTY, both of
which are accessible in Windows.

Thank you all.

All the best


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On 10/11/22 11:24, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Hi,
> I know the basics of Linux, but my question is this.
> I am totally blind and want an accessible Linux. I have always hosted 
> my own websites using Vultr,
> I currently have Windows Server 2012, but rather than upgrade Windows, 
> I thought I might try to host my sites in Linux.
> I am running Apache 2.24, MySQL and PHP etc.
> All this to ask what is the best Linux distro to install if I deploy a 
> Vultr virtual server? I have access to several distros, and would 
> probably install a command line version only, rather than use a Linux 
> GUI, but what distro would you guys recommend?

In headless mode, the distro that you will pick is not relevent as you will
do everything from the CLI!

Managing a server from Windows or linux is doable and accessible.

Note that I do not use Vultr.

John Doe

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