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Thu Oct 13 14:03:41 UTC 2022

Tim here.  As mentioned here, as a headless server, all the access-tech
would be on your local end, so as long as you have an SSH connection,
the rest doesn't matter much.  So I'd pick the server operating
system based on how easy it is to administer, and how easy it is                                                                                                                                                                   to fix things when they go wrong.  Thus, I'd tend to lean towards
a Linux distro that favors stability (like Debian or CentOS) over
bleeding-edge distros.

So what might matter the most is the accessibility of the admin-panel
for your hosting service.  I.e., how accessible is Vultr's admin
panel, and can you use the remote console accessibly?  Because
sometimes I've had to boot into a rescue environment via the web
(usually some sort of VNC under the hood) which isn't very accessible.

That said, I've moved all my VPS instances over to running OpenBSD
and FreeBSD, but I still administer them primarily over SSH, the
same as I used to do with my Linux servers.


> In headless mode, the distro that you will pick is not relevent as you
> will do everything from the CLI!

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