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Tue Oct 18 22:54:59 UTC 2022

Tim here.  There's "dark mode" as meant by most folks (where the
colorscheme tends to be light text on a dark background which I
find easier on my eyes), and there's the "Dark Mode" on this phone
which actually turned off the screen completely, only keeping the
touch-aspect on, so it looked off but was completely usable as far
as VoiceOver went.

In this case it's a pretty *ancient* Samsung Galaxy J3 which didn't
have 5G support so our carrier, Ting.  But that's the one with the
better accessibility features.  So I replaced it about 2 years ago
with a Unihertz Jelly2 which is a tiny little thing, about the size
of a small flip-phone except it is running actual Android.  I love
it, but I acknowledge that it's not for everybody (it drives my
wife nuts when she has to use it for anything, since it's so small)


On 2022-10-18 18:26, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Dark Mode should be a standard feature on Smartphones, but that any
> phone has such a feature is better than I expected. Do you happen to
> recall the make of that older phone? I picked the Moto G Power 2022
> for my learning experience as the model line has a reputation for
> being good, entry-level phones with close to stock android, the kind
> of battery life where you aren't screwed if you forget to charge it
> every night, and based on a few positive reviews of prior models from
> users on this and other Linux accessibility adjacent mailing lists,
> but so far I've only really gotten around to completing the Talkback
> Totorial and figuring out where they hid the SD slot(there isn't a
> standard SD slot per se, but a tiny drawer you need to use a pinhole
> eject button to get at it. Its like they tried to make using memory
> cards on this thing as inconvenient as possible short of having to
> disassemble the phone).
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