Konsole progress/any good alternatives?

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Wed Oct 19 13:13:04 UTC 2022

I've no clue where to start or the smarts to get anywhere with it at 
all, my knowledge of how things interact with Orca starts and ends with 
..is exposed to Orca, past that I've zero clue how to get anything to 
speak to/with/via Orca at all. I know what should be happening, sure, 

This is one of the big things with KDE, aside from the dialogs which are 
also being worked on. KDE is a fantastic desktop IMO and once those 
issues get ironed out and work with Orca, then it'll pretty much be 
worth using on a daily basis for a lot more folks

On 10/19/22 13:34, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Howdy,
> just did a quick look into accerciser. seems that the terminal content 
> is already exposed to AT. So there is at least something in place. 
> maybe a focus is missing or similar.
> cheers chrys
> Am 19.10.22 um 14:25 schrieb chrys:
>> Howdy,
>> well you can use any terminal emulator. gnome-terminal, 
>> mate-terminal, lxterminal (i think those are all based on VTE)
>> for Konsole, the issue is tracked here.
>> https://phabricator.kde.org/T10099
>> currently without huge progress. debugging is required. maybe you 
>> wanna step in :)?
>> Cheers chrys
>> Am 19.10.22 um 12:44 schrieb Linux for blind general discussion:
>>> Just checking to see if there's been any movement on Konsole yet, or 
>>> if not what a good alternative would be that works nicely with KDE? 
>>> I like lxterminal, but I'm after something with more eatures and 
>>> that works nicely with Plasma
>>> Hoping for Konsole to work with Orca since KDE 5.26.11's fixed a few 
>>> nagging issues with the desktop. I've not seen a new version land in 
>>> Arch's repos or Konsole at all, any repo and I'm unsure if 
>>> Konsole-git has any improvements as far as Orca goes
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