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Chris never got void-linux working out of the box and needed to build
accessible isos for it to install on his system according to what he told
me earlier today.  Apparently void-linux is not accessibility-ready which
is why no mention of that appears on their site or anywhere else.
I am curious about these things since I spend some of my retirement
testing these systems but not all of my retirement.
I am using a penguin pro 11 which is an intel machine i7 core and I
learned the current version of Jenux won't even boot on this hardware
successfully.  Why the boot failure happens I don't yet know.
The current version of google-chrome is totally inaccessible for orca
users and google messed up the package install so that package install
doesn't even work correctly either.  These are some of the things the
testers find out and I hope before any other users so others will know to
steer clear.  Vivaldi 5.5 works no better than google-chrome but at least
vivaldi installs with no errors so it installs correctly.

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On Thu, 27 Oct 2022, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:

> I had no trouble searching for the orca package on the Void Linux website. It
> shows me that version 42.3 revision 1 is available. I was not however able to
> determine whether it ships on the install media, or what text-mode screen
> reader may be on the downloaded install media if no desktop starts by default.
> This may still need to be determined using a virtual machine. I do know that
> one or more blind people use Void Linux; I thought there were at least two
> using it as a matter of fact, Chris as mentioned earlier being one, so I know
> that it is at least possible to use it, I'm just not aware of how easy it is
> to get it talking during the install process, although I remember it being
> said that it was worth trying because it can be made to talk.
> ~Kyle
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