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Brave browser with nothing in .desktop file doesn't speak.
Brave-browser with --enable-caret-browsing doesn't speak.
brave-browser with --enable-caret-browsing --force-renderer-accessibility
doesn't speak.
brave-browser with --enable-caret-browsing --force-renderer-accessibility
--enable-speech-dispatcher doesn't speak.
brave-browser is missing accessibility for screen readers like orca.

Jude <jdashiel at panix dot com>
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On Thu, 27 Oct 2022, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:

> Thus spake Jude:
> > The current version of google-chrome is totally inaccessible for orca users
> > and google messed up the package install so that package install doesn't
> > even work correctly either.  These are some of the things the testers find
> > out and I hope before any other users so others will know to steer clear.
> > Vivaldi 5.5 works no better than google-chrome but at least vivaldi installs
> > with no errors so it installs correctly.
> I just got a Brave browser upgrade today from their official repository, and
> their package installs correctly and although I still need a local .desktop
> file to run it, I have it speaking with Orca. I would think that any
> Chromium-based browser should work, with the exception of packaging problems,
> in much the same way. Still, it is unfortunately necessary to have a local
> .desktop file and run it from a menu launcher. Otherwise it requires running
> from a terminal or the run window to set the needed environment variables and
> option flags. Of course the environment variable can be included in a system
> profile, but I think at least the --enable-caret-browsing option is still
> required, which is not in the default .desktop file that ships with most
> systems. I don't mind sharing the local .desktop file that works for me, only
> the name of the browser executable needs to be changed on the Exec= line in
> order to make your chosen chromium-based browser talk.
> ~Kyle
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