KDE Plasma 5.26 beta questions

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Sun Sep 18 14:19:45 UTC 2022

So quick question, since KDE .Plasma 5.26 beta is a thing, with 
apparently A11Y improvements, going by numerous YT vids, KDE.org and 
their (admittedly massive) changelog...

Is it worth testing it out? Looking at my repos on Arch I'm seeing 
5.25.9-1 here, and not seeing any of the updates listed in the 
changelog, i.e. the dialogs are still inaccessible, the clock doesn't 
play nice with Orca, et al.

So do I need to wait on the full release of 5.26 to get all the new 
features then, since the way I read KDE's beta/release scedule is the 
beta is feature complete if I understand it right or am I not 
understanding how KDE does their betas

I know Crys has been doing a lot of work with KDE so I'm hoping for your 
input on this, since I've beeen told by other folks off list they've had 
much much better experiences with it and getting things to work that I 
can't, for example

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