F 105 crashing, anyone else?

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Wed Sep 21 21:12:52 UTC 2022

Yes, Ubuntu Mate 22.04 64-bit, Firefox 105 from Mozilla ppa.

I used 104 before and don't remember it crashing on my system, but 105
crashes quite frequently.

Either after activating a link, when the new page is loaded, or even
on-page navigation can cause crashes here and there.

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Dňa 21. 9. 2022 o 13:35 Linux for blind general discussion napísal(a):
> Is it just me, or is FF 105.0 crashing more than 104.X used to?
> Open a private window and type in a URL, crash
> Try going to a URL in the main window? Crash
> Currently compiling FF ESR to see if this fixes it. The only things in
> the crash log are sigseg and sig faults which are not helpful, the
> console only gives me a channel error to work with
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