hdmi/audio splitter

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Fri Sep 23 01:26:31 UTC 2022

I saw an article about splitting audio from an HDMI connection at
https://www.inovato.com/article/wired-audio-on-the-quadra  On amazon, type
"hdmi 3.5" as your search term, the splitters can be found for less than
$19 (and for even less on ebay).  Searching for "hdmi dummy" or "vga dummy"
on amazon brings up dummy plugs which make the computer think a display is

At this Inovato site, they are selling a raspberry pi like computer with 2
GB RAM, complete with case, heat sink and power supply for $30 USD.  They
have another for $40 USD that includes a faster wifi, bluetooth and a usb
hub.  No GPIO headers.  This article compares their Quadra with a raspberry
pi: https://www.inovato.com/article/where-to-use-a-quadra  Seems to run
either Armbian or Debian.


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