Qtile is kind of nice

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Sat Sep 24 17:08:21 UTC 2022

It is. I've switched out the default run widget for gmrun and that works 
a lot better with Orca, tweaked that to how I like, cause Albert won't 
build from the AUR, got keys for volume and to restart Orca

I'm really liking my setup, it works nicelyy, tempted to put my 
config.py somewhere and share it if folks are interested?

On 9/23/22 21:04, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Yeah, I installed it a week ago.
> I had problems to restart Orca with 'orca -r', it got muted when 
> tried, but it worked after I changed the way to run it on startup:
> @hook.subscribe.startup_once
> def autostart():
>     subprocess.Popen('orca &', shell=True)
> I like the idea of use key chords as a shortcut, but I haven't 
> configured it yet.
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