[Cluster-devel] GFS2 -nmw git tree

Steven Whitehouse steve at chygwyn.com
Wed Sep 7 08:57:50 UTC 2011


Just a quick note about this.... as you've no doubt seen,
hera.kernel.org is currently down (and I note as of this morning it
appears the mirrors at kernel.org too) so I'm currently unable to update
the -nmw git tree.

There are currently a number of patches which have been posted to
cluster-devel which are pending inclusion in the -nmw tree.

I'm hoping that kernel.org will be back up and running shortly. If
nothing has happened within the next week or so, then I'll start looking
for alternative locations to host the GFS2 tree. I don't think thats
going to be a problem, but just to let you all know what the plan is at
the moment.

So please bear with us and I hope that things will be back to normal
fairly shortly,


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