[Cluster-devel] [fence-virt PATCH] add map_check on 'status' action

Kazunori INOUE inouekazu at intellilink.co.jp
Tue Sep 13 08:48:05 UTC 2011

Hi all,

I am using fence-virt.
I want to check permission also by 'status' fencing action.

[root at x3650f ~]# cat /etc/fence_virt.conf
  groups {
      group {
          uuid = "srv-a1";
          uuid = "srv-a2";
          uuid = "621d8c61-1070-7aab-6158-3889d68470ab";
          uuid = "4f0ed127-c8a3-4085-a0d0-a93231924202";
      group {
          uuid = "srv-b1";
          uuid = "srv-b2";
          uuid = "d55103a7-eea7-ad9e-3ee9-8aa660afbe8d";
          uuid = "7243da51-2bda-413e-f172-4ed8cfee4297";

* 'off' operation :
  [root at srv-a1 ~]# fence_virt -D/dev/ttyS1 -ooff -Hsrv-b1
  Permission denied
  [root at srv-a1 ~]# echo $?
  [root at srv-a1 ~]#

  This is good. It is an expected result.

* 'status' operation :
  [root at srv-a1 ~]# fence_virt -D/dev/ttyS1 -ostatus -Hsrv-b1
  [root at srv-a1 ~]# echo $?
  [root at srv-a1 ~]#

  It is an unexpected result. I expect a return value 3.

If 'off' is permission denied, I think that the result of 'status'
should be the same.

I want to check permission beforehand by 'status' whether I become
permission denied in fencing action (off,on,[reboot]).

Kazunori INOUE
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