[Container-tools] Providing a repo with the tools testing scripts and scenarii

Daniel Veillard veillard at redhat.com
Mon Nov 9 09:01:13 UTC 2015

  I discussed that last week on a number of 1-1 and also I think
on some of the calls. We should gather our testing recipes (HOWTO
and scripts we may have developped) in public git, somewhere related
to atomicapp or atomic itself.
  I'm not speaking of the regression tests of atomicapp staying in the
test subdir, but how to do the functional testing of the various
features we support, e.g.:

   - how to start testing
   - how do we test the ADB on the platforms we target
   - how we test Eclipse functionality on Windows, Mac and Linux

 Charlie is to create that repo, others, please send him the content
or pointer to existing git where your are keeping those so we can
aggregate this in one place and structure as we go.
 Charlie, please advertize the location here.

  We should certainly put the current scripts from Greg Allan used on
ci.centos.org there too.

   Please make sure to do this before Wednesday,



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