[dm-devel] Re: [Q] don't allow tmpfs to page out

christophe.varoqui at free.fr christophe.varoqui at free.fr
Thu Jul 15 07:58:37 UTC 2004

> just do 
> mount -t ramfs none /mnt/point
Would that be a suitable solution to store callout binaries for daemons like
multipathd that need to work in case of system-disk outage (/bin & swap on SAN
for example) ?

If so, is it possible and/or correct for the daemon to do a private ramfs mount
for this purpose ?

And while I'm at throwing all the questions I have on my mind :
* how can I disable on-demand loading for the daemon ?
* does mlockall() provides all the necessary garanties ?
* what explains the "offset-by-4" between VSZ and RSS I see when running
mlockall'ed daemon ?

Thanks for the educational work :)


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