[dm-devel] [ANNOUNCE] multipath-tools-0.2.7

christophe.varoqui at free.fr christophe.varoqui at free.fr
Mon Jul 26 10:02:48 UTC 2004


here goes multipath-tools version 0.2.7

the ULUA framework I got implemented is rather simple :
1) the path struct gets a new ->priority member
2) before path grouping, sort the path list by priority

The missing link is the priority fetcher.
Does that framework fit your needs ?

2004-07-24 multipath-tools-0.2.7
        * [multipath] args parser moved to getopt
          <genanr at emsphone.com>
        * [multipath] zero conf->hotplugdev at allocation
          <genanr at emsphone.com>
        * [multipath] clean up failed devmap creation attempt
        * [libs] update to libdevmapper 1.00.19
        * [multipath] framework for claimed device skipping
          still lacks a reliable way to know if the device is
          claimed and by who (fs, swap, md, dm, ...). If you
          think it is valid to let libdevmapper hit the wall,
          please speak up and tell so.
        * [multipath] shut down stderr when calling into libdm
        * [multipath] reformat the verbose output
        * [multipath] framework for path priority handling (ULUA)
        * [multipath] kill all reference to group_by_tur
        * [multipath] integrate path state logic into multibus &
          failover pgpolicies. This obsoletes the group_by_tur one
          which is now the same as multibus.
        * [multipath] zalloc mp structs to avoid garbage in ->size
        * bump version requisite for scsi_id to 0.6 to support the new
          '-u' flag (s/ /_/ for proper JBOD device map naming)
        * [multipath] correct the for(;;) limits to accept 1-slot
        * [multipath] push WWID_SIZE to 64 char (scsi_id w/ JBODs)
        * [multipath] add a exit_tool() wrapper fn for runfile unlink
        * [multipath] add a "default_path_grouping_policy" keyword in the
        * "defaults" block.
        * [multipath] add a "default_getuid_callout" keyword in the
          "defaults" block. Now multipath is going to work with JBODs
        * [multipath] fix segfault when pathvec is empty after
        * move to template based specfile to avoid regular version skew

Downloads and docs at http://christophe.varoqui.free.fr


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