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Re: [dm-devel] Another cache target

On Thu, Dec 13 2012 at  3:19pm -0500,
Joe Thornber <ejt redhat com> wrote:

> Here's a cache target that Heinz Mauelshagen, Mike Snitzer and I
> have been working on.
> It's also available in the thin-dev branch of my git tree:
> git github com:jthornber/linux-2.6.git

This url is best for others to clone from:

> The main features are a plug-in architecture for policies which decide
> what data gets cached, and reuse of the metadata library from the thin
> provisioning target.

It should be noted that there are more cache replacement policies
available in Joe's thin-dev branch via the "basic" policy, see:

(these basic policies include fifo, lru, lfu, and many more)
> These patches apply on top of the dm patches that agk has got queued
> for 3.8.

agk's patches are here:

But agk hasn't staged all the required patches yet.  I've imported agk's
editing tree (and a couple other required patches that I previously
posted to dm-devel, which aren't yet in agk's tree) into the
'dm-for-3.8' branch on my github tree here:

This 8 patch patchset from Joe should apply cleanly ontop of my
'dm-for-3.8' branch.

But if all you care about is a tree with all the changes then please
just use Joe's github 'thin-dev' branch.

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