[dm-devel] [RFC] dm-writeboost: Removing a tunable barrier_deadline_ms

Akira Hayakawa ruby.wktk at gmail.com
Thu Jul 24 08:13:58 UTC 2014

Hi Joe,

These days, I am trying to simplify Writeboost.

In the thread below,

- Joe mentioned dm-thin delays REQ_FLUSH for a tiny momemnt expecting that other subsequent
  REQ_FUA are aggregated.
- Dave Chinner, a XFS developer, mentioned that such delay would better be removed because
  XFS does such delaying in its journaling and delay twice meaninglessly.

Writeboost also dalays REQ_FLUSH as dm-thin for the same reason
but the delaying seconds is tunable by barrier_deadline_ms. This is implemented by timer.

There can be pros/cons for making it tunable

  1. We can aggregate more REQ_FUA than dm-thin can.
  1. Complicate the interface. Writeboost's type 1 doesn't use this but only type 0 does
     makes it more complicated (Some guys reviewed my doc mentioned this).
  2. Make it difficult to isolate the cause of slowdown/malbehavior.
  3. User may set extermely higher value.
  4. Not tested so much. Will probably stall the system by never acking to REQ_FLUSH.
     Actually, a user of Writeboost reported a bugfix for this mechanism before.

My direction may be:
If it is meaningless or unreasonable to delay REQ_FLUSH longer than dm-thin
I will remove the tunableness from Writeboost.

So I ask you:
- What is the reason that it is enough to delay REQ_FLUSH for as tiny moment as dm-thin does?
- Is it a heuristic thing?

And, related to this topic I propose that
we should add a knob to enable/disable such delay for the sake of XFS.
AFAIK, dm-thin and dm-cache does this optimization.

- Akira

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