[dm-devel] dm-writeboost: Progress Report

Akira Hayakawa ruby.wktk at gmail.com
Fri May 23 13:14:42 UTC 2014

Hi Guys,

This progress report includes very important benchmarking results, which shows
i) Write will always improve - It boosts writes (396% in the best case) even with really small cache (say, 64MB) because of the sophisticated writeback optimization.
ii) Read won't be bad - It doesn't so much deteriorate the read (less than 1% for SSD+HDD case) because of the insignificant overhead.
iii) Good in application workloads - 22% improvement with read-intensive workload and 234-299% improvement with fileserver workload (using dbench)

Yeah, merging Writeboost into the mainline is my goal now and I really need your feedbacks.
For more details, please read the previous post.

- Akira

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