[dm-devel] fstrim discarding too many or wrong blocks on Linux 5.1, leading to data loss

Andrea Gelmini andrea.gelmini at gelma.net
Tue May 21 18:54:56 UTC 2019

Il giorno lun 20 mag 2019 alle ore 18:45 Milan Broz
<gmazyland at gmail.com> ha scritto:
> Note, it is the root filesystem, so you have to regenerate initramfs
> to update crypttab inside it.

Good catch. I didn't re-mkinitramfs.

> Could you paste "dmsetup table" and "lsblk -D" to verify that discard flag
> is not there?
> (I mean dmsetup table with the zeroed key, as a default and safe output.)

This weekend if I have time I'm going to re-test it. It takes a lot to
restore 4TB.

Thanks a lot,

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