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Re: [dm-devel] [PATCH] blkid: retport block size of a filesystem

On Mon, Sep 2, 2019 at 1:59 PM Karel Zak <kzak redhat com> wrote:
> Applied (with two small fixes), thanks!

Karel, Mikulas,

ts/blkid/low-probe started to fail on sparc64 with this patch:

        blkid: superblocks probing: [97] xfs-log             ... OK
        blkid: superblocks probing: [98] xfs                 ...
FAILED (blkid/low-probe-xfs)

but is "OK" on x86_64.

$ diff -u expected/blkid/low-probe-xfs output/blkid/low-probe-xfs
--- expected/blkid/low-probe-xfs        2019-09-03 12:45:18.779505561 +0300
+++ output/blkid/low-probe-xfs  2019-09-03 14:35:41.569815684 +0300
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@

$ md5sum output/blkid/images-fs/xfs.img
c4a59d4039b5ed5557e8502ca2906373  output/blkid/images-fs/xfs.img

(md5 is the same as on x86_64 test machine)

You can use gcc202 sparc64 machine from gcc compile farm for the test.

PS: can someone regenerate xfs.img(xz) with more recent XFS filesystem version?

$ xfs_info output/blkid/images-fs/xfs.img
xfs_info: V1 inodes unsupported. Please try an older xfsprogs.

$ dpkg -l xfsprogs
ii  xfsprogs       5.0.0-1      sparc64      Utilities for managing
the XFS filesystem

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