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Re: [dm-devel] [PATCH] ALUA support for PURE FlashArray

On 9/12/19 3:52 AM, Brian Bunker wrote:

> I am not sure if the max_sectors_kb is a kernel or udev bug. What I would expect is for the block limits 
> INQUIRY VPD  page, 0xB0, to be used to populate the /sys/block entries for max_sectors_kb. We have 
> seen Linux distributions that don’t seem to do that but instead populate that entry with 32 MB even though 

marginal or main distributions?

> we return 4 MB as our limit. We add the 4 MB limit in a udev rule that we have created and provide to our 
> customers.  Adding it in multipath.conf will also get us 4 MB for the dm device and its slaves which is what we 
> want. I don’t know if there is a preferred way but if we use multipath.conf then hopefully no users will ever 
> have to deal with the higher value that will error out if a SCSI read or write is actually sent larger than 
> the 4 MB maximum size.

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