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Re: [dm-devel] [PATCH v2] lib/memweight.c: open codes bitmap_weight()


Sorry for reviving this conversation, but it looks to me like
this function could be reduced to a single bitmap_weight call:

static inline size_t memweight(const void *ptr, size_t bytes)
        BUG_ON(bytes >= UINT_MAX / BITS_PER_BYTE);
        return bitmap_weight(ptr, bytes * BITS_PER_BYTE);

Comparing to the current implementation
this results in a signification simplification. 

__bitmap_weight already count last bits with hweight_long as we
discussed earlier.

int __bitmap_weight(const unsigned long *bitmap, unsigned int bits)
	if (bits % BITS_PER_LONG)
		w += hweight_long(bitmap[k] & BITMAP_LAST_WORD_MASK(bits));

and __arch_hweight* functions use popcnt instruction.

I've briefly tested the equivalence of 2 implementations on x86_64 with
fuzzing here: https://gist.github.com/evdenis/95a8b9b8041e09368b31c3a9510491a5

What do you think making this function static inline and moving it
to include/linux/string.h? I could prepare a patch for it and add some tests for
memweight and bitmap_weight. Or maybe I miss something again?

Best regards,

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