[edk2-devel] GSOC 2021 EXT4 driver Project

Michael D Kinney michael.d.kinney at intel.com
Thu Jun 10 17:38:17 UTC 2021

Hi Pedro,

After thinking about this, I think I would prefer Option (4).

The proposed landing zone would be a new Ext4Pkg in the edk2-platforms repository in the Features directory.


All the features in that directory and not specific to Intel.  There are other email discussions about moving some of that content up a level, so an alternative path would be:


Best regards,


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Hi everyone,

Me and my project have been selected for GSoC this year, under Michael Kinney and bret. Thank you for the opportunity to collaborate with you and improve Tianocore!
If anyone has any questions, please fire away :)
How do I get started? I'd like to find some easier tasks as to start trying out patch submission and generally programming in a firmware environment.
Also, I've been talking with my mentors and a relevant question to ask the mailing list is: Where should we put the EXT4 driver?
Michael said there are other filesystems in MdeModulePkg, but it might be getting too big and proposed the following options:

1) EXT4 in new package in edk2 repo as a peer to FatPkg.
2) EXT4 in edk2 repo in MdeModulePkg
3) EXT4 in edk2-platforms advanced feature package.
4) EXT4 in edk2 advanced feature package

As someone that's still learning how to navigate the project's tree(s), this is a bit over my head and so I'd like your opinion on the matter.
Also, I would love if someone could point me to some good reading material and/or examples of the package/build system, as I couldn't find documentation on those
and my previous experiment with Tianocore involved looking at FatPkg and mindlessly copying what it was doing.



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