[edk2-devel] [edk2-platforms][PATCH] IpmiFeaturePkg : Rename IPMI Macro and Structure Defintions

Oram, Isaac W isaac.w.oram at intel.com
Fri Jun 11 22:15:17 UTC 2021

Reviewed-by: Isaac Oram <isaac.w.oram at intel.com>

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Sent: Friday, June 11, 2021 2:52 PM
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Cc: Oram, Isaac W <isaac.w.oram at intel.com>; Desimone, Nathaniel L <nathaniel.l.desimone at intel.com>; Felixp at ami.com; DOPPALAPUDI, HARIKRISHNA <harikrishnad at ami.com>; Jha, Manish <manishj at ami.com>; Bobroff, Zachary <zacharyb at ami.com>; KARPAGAVINAYAGAM, MANICKAVASAKAM <manickavasakamk at ami.com>; gaoliming at byosoft.com.cn
Subject: [edk2-platforms][PATCH] IpmiFeaturePkg : Rename IPMI Macro and Structure Defintions

 .../IpmiFeaturePkg/GenericIpmi/Dxe/IpmiInit.c             | 8 ++++----
 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/Features/Intel/OutOfBandManagement/IpmiFeaturePkg/GenericIpmi/Dxe/IpmiInit.c b/Features/Intel/OutOfBandManagement/IpmiFeaturePkg/GenericIpmi/Dxe/IpmiInit.c
index 1e0c132508..d788b48867 100644
--- a/Features/Intel/OutOfBandManagement/IpmiFeaturePkg/GenericIpmi/Dxe/IpmiInit.c
+++ b/Features/Intel/OutOfBandManagement/IpmiFeaturePkg/GenericIpmi/Dxe/IpmiInit.c
@@ -242,7 +242,7 @@ Returns:
   EFI_STATUS                      Status;

   UINT32                          DataSize;

   SM_CTRL_INFO                    *pBmcInfo;

-  EFI_IPMI_MSG_GET_BMC_EXEC_RSP   *pBmcExecContext;

+  IPMI_MSG_GET_BMC_EXEC_RSP       *pBmcExecContext;

   UINT32                          Retries;


   EFI_VIDEOPRINT_PROTOCOL         *VideoPrintProtocol;

@@ -301,14 +301,14 @@ Returns:
     Status = IpmiSendCommand (


                IPMI_NETFN_FIRMWARE, 0,



                NULL, 0,

                IpmiInstance->TempData, &DataSize



-    pBmcExecContext = (EFI_IPMI_MSG_GET_BMC_EXEC_RSP*)&IpmiInstance->TempData[0];

+    pBmcExecContext = (IPMI_MSG_GET_BMC_EXEC_RSP*)&IpmiInstance->TempData[0];

     DEBUG ((DEBUG_INFO, "[IPMI] Operational status of BMC: 0x%x\n", pBmcExecContext->CurrentExecutionContext));

-    if ((pBmcExecContext->CurrentExecutionContext == EFI_FIRMWARE_BMC_IN_FORCED_UPDATE_MODE) &&

+    if ((pBmcExecContext->CurrentExecutionContext == IPMI_BMC_IN_FORCED_UPDATE_MODE) &&

         !EFI_ERROR (Status)) {

       DEBUG ((DEBUG_ERROR, "[IPMI] BMC in Forced Update mode, skip waiting for BMC_READY.\n"));

       IpmiInstance->BmcStatus = BMC_UPDATE_IN_PROGRESS;


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