Plan for tomorrows (20070801) EPEL SIG meeting

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at
Wed Aug 1 16:15:46 UTC 2007

Hi all!

Sorry, I have to leave the keyboard in some minutes and will miss the
meeting. Nothing urgent, but a was not foreseeable. Some comments for
todays meeting:

On 31.07.2007 19:32, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
> find below the list of topics that are planed to come up in the next
> EPEL SIG meeting which is scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday at 17:00 UTC
> in #fedora-meeting on
> EPEL announcement happened -- are we satisfied with how everything
> worked out?

So far: yes. I'd hoped we would have had some more packages and more
media coverage, but it's a good start afaics. The broken deps problem
was worked around just in time afaics.

> branch for EPEL if Fedora maintainer does not react -- dgilmore

I'd really like to get this of the table. If somebody has concerns with
the latest proposal write them up please or (preferred) write a new
proposal that solves the problem that was raised with the current one in
the wiki -- if no ones does it soon I'd say let's go for
as that's better then what we have

> new push scripts for pushing to testing, adjust mock configs to use
> testing -- dgilmore

Status? RHEL 5.1 is approaching and I'd say we copy the testing repo to
stable then again.

> EPEL announcement happened -- what next?

I'd like to see this discussed on the list. I have some ideas, but not
enough time to write all of the down now.

So: What do you guys want?

Note. I forgot the "yum for EPEL4" issue. Could you guys discuss this as
well? Jeff_S prepares some stuff iirc, we just need to say "go for it"
afaics. Someone raised concerns in the last meeting, but never took them
to the list which isn't helpful to get the problem solved. I'd say if
the concerns doesn#t make it to the list let's go for what Jeff proposed.


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