RHN software channels & EPEL

Andrey KLYACHKIN AKLYACHKIN at raiffeisen.ru
Thu Aug 2 06:25:39 UTC 2007

Hallo all,

how EPEL will deal with so called software channels in RHN? E.g., RHEL4 
has channel Red Hat Web Application Stack and it contains httpd-2.0.55 
(which replaces standard httpd-2.0.52 from RHEL4) and 
mysql-connector-odbc-3.51.12 (there is no such package in the standard 
RHEL4 distribution). Will EPEL packages be built without replacing 
packages only from standard distribution or also from additional software 
channels and Red Hat products (such as RHCS, GFS, ...)?

Sincerely yours,
Andrey Klyachkin
UNIX Systems Administrator, RaiffeisenBank Austria, Moscow
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