relations with other repos in practice

Tim Jackson lists at
Tue Aug 7 15:18:54 UTC 2007

Patrice Dumas wrote:

> in
> there is:
> * Contributors need to make an effort to check if there are packages in
>   third party repositories that would conflict with any new packages
>   submitted to the official repository and if so establish contact with
>   the maintainers of packages in other third party repositories.

That document was just a suggestion. Despite my efforts, there doesn't
seem to be any particularly strong enthusiasm to make it something that
is formally signed up to by anyone. I see that KDE-RedHat have indicated
their interest which is cool, but it's not been ratified by anyone at
the RHEL end, and the doc could do with reverting to a former version
which is "neutral" and actually makes sense for everyone to sign up to
(vs just EPEL)

That's not to say it mightn't form the base of some "good practice"
guidelines though, I suppose...


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