To update or not to update...

Ray Van Dolson rayvd at
Fri Aug 17 19:14:08 UTC 2007

>  The point is -- folks run RHEL for a stable base. But it is not just a boxed 
>  product. It's a platform. People should be able to
>  choose what they do with it, and not be stuck running old&stale EPEL 
>  packages if they want some assurance of stability, however
>  minimal.

>From a user standpoint, I think this is very true.  I like the
stability of RHEL, but sometimes I do end up wanting a feature of a
recently updated upstream project, and either have to rebuild an SRPM
from Fedora, go to another repo or build from source.

Also, in my case with remind, it's not a library with an ABI that
people are linking against that might break, it's just an application.
I suppose a change in the feature-set could break remind scripts

But having the option at least, and from a trustworthy source like
EPEL, to track somewhat-latest versions of packages of our choosing
would be nice.

But maybe it makes for too much of a grey area?


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