To update or not to update...

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at
Sat Aug 18 12:04:53 UTC 2007

On 17.08.2007 21:14, Ray Van Dolson wrote:
>>  The point is -- folks run RHEL for a stable base. But it is not just a boxed 
>>  product. It's a platform. People should be able to
>>  choose what they do with it, and not be stuck running old&stale EPEL 
>>  packages if they want some assurance of stability, however
>>  minimal.
>>From a user standpoint, I think this is very true.  I like the
> stability of RHEL, but sometimes I do end up wanting a feature of a
> recently updated upstream project, and either have to rebuild an SRPM
> from Fedora, go to another repo or build from source.

The main problem IMHO is: what part of the "stable base" for user foo
might be the package where user bar "wants a feature of a recently
updated upstream project". There is no way with current tools to serve
both users in one repo.

But we could do it in two repos -- one stable EPEL repo and a "EPEL
rolling" on top of it -- then users could individually select which
software they want in newer versions.

I think that's exactly what we should do in the long term, but I don't
think we have the man-power yet to maintain both repos, so we
concentrate on the EPEL stable stuff atm, as that's IMHO more important
stuff users of RHEL or use CentOS want and are used to.


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