Testing -> stable?

Michael Stahnke mastahnke at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 04:18:32 UTC 2007

I'm still in favor of pushing more often during the initial build-up
phase.  I don't know exactly what that takes from the infrastructure
team though.  Right now, if a package is missing completely from EPEL,
I would like it in stable (assuming it works and whatnot).

We probably do need some form of test-bed.  Automated tests would be
awesome.  Sadly, writing test suites for thousands of packages
probably isn't going to happen anytime soon.

The dependencies are  a major concern.  My hat is off to the guys thus
far who have been rather successful with keeping EPEL working.

Is it possible to push new packages into stable?  Even if something is
in testing, just because it sat there for X amount of time, does it
mean it works properly?


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