EL-4 build root fails

Mike McGrath mmcgrath at redhat.com
Sun Dec 16 22:29:54 UTC 2007

Patrice Dumas wrote:
> Hello,
> My EL-4 builds failed to setup the root:
> http://buildsys.fedoraproject.org/logs/fedora-4-epel/37468-xbae-4.60.4-8.el4.1/ppc/root.log
> Is it something known, am I doing something stupid or should I 
> report it somewhere?

There's work being done on the buildsystem right now and I'm in the 
process of updating to RHEL4.6 so its likely one of those things is 
causing issues.  Give me a while to ensure things have calmed down and 
I'll give the ok that its fine to build again.


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