Perl modules in EPEL

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at
Fri Dec 21 21:10:04 UTC 2007

On 21.12.2007 16:38, Steven Pritchard wrote:
> I've been trying again recently to get as many Perl module packages
> built for EPEL as possible (so maybe we can finally have amavisd-new,
> rt3, etc. available).

Many thx for your help. Also many thx to spot, he build some new perl
packager in the past days as well!

>  In case anyone else is interested, here's how
> many Perl module packages are available for various releases (counting
> source rpms, not including the perl package itself):

Some more stats from the pkgdb:

790 packages in the pkgdb starting with perl-
a few of them are in EL5, so 734 remain

Those with "# of packages >= 5"

Fedora  EPEL  fasname
159     13    cweyl
158     83    spot
141     131   steve
70      18    rnorwood
48      0     corsepiu
25      14    pghmcfc
23      4     ixs
18      0     alexlan
15      1     iburrell
13      13    pertusus
13      12    sindrepb
11      11    orion
10      0     hardaker
9       9     ruben
5       4     mmcgrath
5       2     wtogami
5       0     abompard

The above table is not to blame anyone. But it shows some things:

* steve, you gets bonus points for having the most perl-packages in EPEL

* pertusus gets bonus points for having all his packages in both Fedora
and EPEL

* corsepiu owns a lot of perl-packages, but doesn't participate in EPEL
(he's listed on
), thus his package will only land in EPEL if someone else takes care of

* abompard is also listed on ContributorStatusNo (quote: "feel free to
maintain my packages in EPEL")

* cweyl and rnorwood participate in EPEL, but own a lot of perl-*
packages which are not in EPEL.


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