Refactoring up-imapproxy

Tim Jackson lists at
Thu Dec 27 21:13:27 UTC 2007


I'm importing up-imapproxy into EL-5. This is a really useful IMAP proxy 
for anyone with a webmail system (e.g. Squirrelmail) which constantly 
opens and closes IMAP connections; it caches them and speeds things up.

Anyway, the point is that although it is a simple piece of software, the 
packaging is a bit screwy. The software is generally known as 
"up-imapproxy" but in some places (internally and externally) is 
referred to as "imapproxy".

Now, this package is already in Fedora, so I could leave things as they 
are (the Fedora maintainer has pretty much just followed what upstream 
does), or I can take this one opportunity to tidy things up. Brief 
overview as currently packaged in Fedora:

* Website:
* Upstream tarball: up-imapproxy-x.y.z.tar.gz
* Upstream references: vary between "up-imapproxy" and "imapproxy"

* Package name in Fedora: up-imapproxy
* Config: /etc/imapproxy.conf
* Daemon: /usr/sbin/in.imapproxyd
* Init script: /etc/init.d/imapproxy

What I'm *proposing* to do is to patch it up to make it more consistent 
as follows:

* Package name in EPEL: up-imapproxy
* Config: /etc/up-imapproxy.conf
* Daemon: /usr/sbin/up-imapproxyd
* Init script: /etc/init.d/up-imapproxy

Any comments either way would be appreciated.



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