Branching Asterisk for EPEL

Jeffrey Ollie jeff at
Thu Dec 20 19:19:36 UTC 2007

I've had a number of requests to branch the Asterisk packages that are
now (finally) in F-7+ for EL-4 and EL-5.  Most of the dependencies
have been (or soon will be) taken care of. The one problematic package
is speex. The Asterisk package requires speex version 1.2 which is
available in Fedora 7 and onwards.  However, speex in RHEL5 is at
version 1.0.5.  Would it be acceptable to create a speex12 package in
EPEL so that Asterisk can be branched?  The speex12 package would be
for EL-4 and EL-5 only since RHEL6 will presumably provide speex 1.2


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