Getting involved

Ville Skyttä ville.skytta at
Sun Jul 8 14:21:11 UTC 2007


I'm gradually getting more involved with EPEL, have already built a couple of 
packages yesterday and will ask branches of some others soon.

However, my interest is almost exclusively limited to EL-5 at this time.  
While I'm not going to make any gratuitous changes to packages that would 
cause them to not work on EL-4 and will test at least to some extent with it, 
I probably won't be requesting any EL-4 branches nor really promise to 
actively maintain packages for it.

So, if you want some packages for which I'm listed as the sole EPEL maintainer 
to appear for EL-4 and volunteer to co-maintain them (for EL-4 only or for 
later releases too), that's welcome, let me know.

One such example is cvsps - it was listed in EPEL 4 broken deps report, 
required by git-cvs.  For EL-5 it has been branched and built and will 
probably appear in a push soon, but I have no plans to maintain it for EL-4.

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