fftw advice...

Rex Dieter rdieter at math.unl.edu
Thu Jul 12 15:33:30 UTC 2007

Rex Dieter wrote:

> OK, I'm going to forge ahead (following a suggestion from pjones):
> keeping (main) Name: fftw ,so srpm matches cvs module, and make (binary)
> packages named fftw3.  clear as mud?  hopefully, no one will yell.

FYI, builds queue'd.  Please test for sanity:
EL-4: http://buildsys.fedoraproject.org/build-status/job.psp?uid=34938
EL-5: http://buildsys.fedoraproject.org/build-status/job.psp?uid=34937

"fftw: epel branch/builds, rpmforge compatible":

-- Rex

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