Meetings (was: Re: Fedora EPEL Package Build Report 2007-07-13)

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at
Sun Jul 15 13:00:14 UTC 2007

On 13.07.2007 22:13, Stephen John Smoogen wrote:
> On 7/13/07, Michael Stahnke <mastahnke at> wrote:
>> On 7/13/07, Dennis Gilmore <dennis at> wrote:
>>> Once upon a time Friday 13 July 2007, buildsys at wrote:
>>>> Packages built and released for Fedora EPEL 5: 13
>>> Just a quick note python-imaging was removed with this push.   that is because
>>> it is in RHEL5-client  and CentOS5
>> Is there a solution for those running RH 5 server?   Maybe a topic for
>> next weeks' EPEL meeting?
> It should be 

I just added it to the schedule.

While at it I'd like to use the chance to say something else (especially
in the direction of the Steering Committee Members): The meetings are
*IMHO* not there to work out all the details how to solve this or other
problems -- that what we should use the mailing lists is for, as that
the where people can easily participate even if they can't make the
meeting due to more important issues or just because they live in
another timzone. The meetings IMHO mainly should focus on decisions only
(and even those should in an ideal world IMHO be found on the list) --
either accept a proposal that has been worked out and discussed on the
lists or give a statement in which direction the Steering Committee
would like to see a issue solved.

Further: I'd really like it if people that own a task on the schedule
would reply to the "topics for tomorrows meeting mails" and give a
status update before the meeting. Then we avoid stuff like this:

chair> ping foo; what's the status of bar
<everyone waits at least two minutes for foo to come up>
foo> off, sorry, I just did baz
<everyone waits one more minute for foo to write the status update>
foo> okay, here is the status: blahh blub and blib blib while blop blop

As that's time consuming and likely annoying for everyone.



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