RFC: EPEL branching if Fedora maintainer does not react

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at fedoraproject.org
Mon Jul 16 20:44:01 UTC 2007

rob myers wrote:
  If the Fedora
> maintainer later decides to participate in EPEL, and more than one month
> has passed, the EPEL maintainer of the package should strongly consider
> returning maintainership, but does not have to.

Looks better but I would suggest recommending co-maintainership rather 
than a complete hand off. If a Fedora package maintainer has shown no 
interest when asked and a new maintainer has taken over and been working 
on EPEL which has a different release strategy and policies then it is 
better than the existing maintainer in EPEL work together with the 
Fedora maintainer and help in any transition process or continue as a team.


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