EPEL, RHEL-5Server and RHEL-5Client...

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at leemhuis.info
Tue Jul 17 10:33:30 UTC 2007

On 17.07.2007 12:13, Joel Andres Granados wrote:
> Regarding the python-imaging package...
> What is the matter with including the 1.1.6 version in EPEL/el5?  does 
> it break anything?
> Both Plone and python-docutils (deps in EPEL) use the Image library from 
> PIL and this library does not have any
> backward compatibility issues.  additionally, RHEL5-client has no 
> package that depends on
> python-imaging.  So I say KISS, and ship 1.1.6 with the EPEL/el5.  I 
> know it goes against the EPEL policies,
> but I think its much better that messing with nvr.

This way lie dragons.

"EPEL does not replace packages from the distribution it was build for"
is IMHO not debatable -- just as it was in Extras before the merge.

For the situations at hand:

Problem1 -- python-imaging was EPEL: We made a error, but we are still
in the testing/buildup phase, so we can still remove it from the repo
and say loudly "apologize" and "we are sorry"(¹). Not ideal, but problem

Problem2 -- python-imaging had a higher EVR then the EL5Client package:
Ignore those users that got the newer python-imaging from EPEL (see
Problem 1: "EPEL is still in testing" and "apologize"). Rebuild plone
and python-docutils against the 1.1.5 package from EL (if that's
needed). Solved.

Problem3 -- no python-imaging in EL5Server: Not solved yet, but under


(¹) -- we likely should put something (test-scripts?) in place to make
sure something similar does not happen again

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