resolution for python-imaging in EPEL

Daniel Riek riek at
Tue Jul 17 14:51:35 UTC 2007

The client packages are going to become available to all server
customers as soon as the RHN profiles get updated. That takes some time
as it is a major repull of data.

For python-imaging my proposal is to move it to the core server.

Did you open a ticket about this package with RH support?



On Tue, 2007-07-17 at 10:15 -0400, Konstantin Ryabitsev wrote:
> On 7/17/07, Jesse Keating <jkeating at> wrote:
> > That said, somebody really needs to verify what I was told earlier,
> > which is customers of EL5Server can use RHN and subscribe to the Client
> > channels and get the content.  Perhaps not vice-versa, but in this case
> > it should be enough.  Before we go down the road of doom, lets verify
> > whether or not 5Server customers can get access to python-imaging
> > through RHN.
> I don't think this is true. I have RHEL-5Server (academic)
> entitlement, and I don't see "Client" listed anywhere in my list of
> available software channels. I only see:
> # RHEL Virtualization (v. 5 for 32-bit x86)
> # RHEL Supplementary (v. 5 for 32-bit x86)
> # RHEL Hardware Certification (v. 5 for 32-bit x86)
> # RHEL FasTrack (v. 5 for 32-bit x86)
> # Red Hat Network Tools for RHEL Server (v.5 32-bit x86)
> And "python-imaging" is definitely not available to me:
> root at bakserv:[~]# yum list python-imaging
> Loading "rhnplugin" plugin
> Loading "installonlyn" plugin
> Setting up repositories
> rhel-i386-server-5        100% |=========================| 1.4 kB    00:00
> Reading repository metadata in from local files
> Finished
> The situation may be different for those who paid full enterprise
> price for RHEL entitlements, but that doesn't change the fact that
> unless EPEL provides "client" packages, I'll be left with broken
> repositories. I will note, that it makes that much harder for me to
> justify paying money to RH if I can have a better service using
> Centos+EPEL.
> Regards,
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