Plan for tomorrows (20070718) EPEL SIG meeting

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at
Tue Jul 17 17:11:26 UTC 2007


On 17.07.2007 19:03, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
> find below the list of topics that are planed for the next EPEL SIG
> meeting which is scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday at 17:00 UTC
> in #fedora-extras on

As I mentioned earlier already, I'll miss tomorrows meeting. Sorry.

> /topic EPEL Meeting – broken deps – Jeff_S

dgilmore, could you push newly build packages once in the next 24 hours?
And can somebody after that tun a script to check what deps are still
broken? We have only 8 days left and I don't want to go into a

if (broken deps);
	delay_epel_annoucement by one week;

loop that might never end.

To avoid that I'd say we should on Sunday try to move all packages with
broken deps to testing that can be moved there without introducing new
broken deps (I'm willing to help with that if I get the neccessary
permissions to the repo and the spam-o-epel script).

Could you guys discuss this please tomorrow?

> /topic EPEL Meeting – spam o magic script  – mmcgrath

Only ran until EL5Server afaics which lead to "interesting" results. And
progress here?

> /topic EPEL Meeting – branch for EPEL if Fedora maintainer does not
> react – knurd


Please get this ratified; gets a +1 from me.

> /topic EPEL Meeting – push new packages to testing after EPEL
> annoucement – dgilmore

We should adjust this one or two days before the final announcement and
make sure no new broken deps hit the repo.

> /topic EPEL Meeting – EPEL announcement – quaid

Everything else ready?

> /topic EPEL Meeting – new meeting time? – all (see also
> )

Can wait

> /topic EPEL Meeting – how about packges that part of EL5Client, but not
> part of EL5Server (aka python-imaging-issue)

Discussed on the list currently, but should get attention in the meeting
likely as well.


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