resolution for python-imaging in EPEL

Stephen John Smoogen smooge at
Tue Jul 17 22:23:51 UTC 2007

On 7/17/07, Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora at> wrote:
> On 17.07.2007 16:51, Daniel Riek wrote:
> > The client packages are going to become available to all server
> > customers as soon as the RHN profiles get updated. That takes some time
> > as it is a major repull of data.
> thx for your help Daniel.

Yes thanks to all the RH people on this.. Longterm, there is going to
be a mismatch between RHEL and CentOS/Scientific Linux offerings. As
in, an EPEL package might need stuff from MultiOS or RHAPS (or
whatever its future incarnation is) or etc etc etc. There should be a
methodology for dealing with these packages or problems:

1) Should packages be built/included that can work with the lowest
common denominator of channel offerings? [EG desktop or whatever is
the smallest channel offering?]

2) If not, how do you offer packages that do not 'break' for people.
If I do a yum install xyz and it includes something from outside of my
'Desktop' channel ... do I get a 'Dependencies not found. Please pony
up more money.' message? Or do I get those dependencies via the .0

3) Other issues that my blood sugar cant think of at the moment.

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