There are still dependencies for python-imaging el5

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at
Tue Jul 24 09:29:24 UTC 2007

On 24.07.2007 11:14, Joel Andres Granados wrote:
> Received two automated email (attached) stating that plone depends on 
> python-imaging for el5.
> python-imaging for el5 terminated from EPEL due to its existence in both 
> RHEL5 Client and Server.
> Additionally the mail states that the broken dependency is only valid 
> for ppc, as I don't see the other arch listed.

Reason for that afaics: there is no PPC-EL5Client, thus the package from
it could not be added to the server, thus python-imaging is still
missing on PPC.

> Does the plone spec in EPEL have to change?
> Does the python-imaging in RHEL5 need modifying of some sort?
> Does python-imaging in EPEL/el4 need modifying (some tag I don't know of)?
> Or is there some black voodoo magic that is done to fix this?

The proper workaround would be to excludearch ppc for plone and other
packages that require python-imaging.

The proper solution would be to ship python-imaging in EL5Server for PPC
*or* ship it in EPEL5-PPC only. Going for the latter route might be a
best short term fix. Just make EVR lower then the EL5 package, in case
EL5Server starts shipping python-imaging sooner or later.

Does that sound like a plan?


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