Plan for tomorrows (20070725) EPEL SIG meeting

Jeff Sheltren sheltren at
Wed Jul 25 12:35:50 UTC 2007

On Jul 25, 2007, at 12:45 AM, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
> /topic EPEL Meeting – broken deps – Jeff_S, All

See for a run  
of repoclosure this morning.  This is against CentOS 4.5 base +  
updates, so it may be slightly different than what the spam-o-epel  
reports, but we should be looking at both.

Summary:  There are still a number of unresolved dependencies.

I think that any unresolved deps should be removed from the repos  
before going live.  For example, give maintainers until the start of  
next week to get the needed deps into EPEL.  Also something to  
consider:  we should re-run repoclosure after removing the packages  
with broken deps to see what else we broke by removing them --  
hopefully this is not a lot of packages!


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