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Joshua Daniel Franklin jdf.lists at
Wed Jul 25 17:29:15 UTC 2007

On 7/24/07, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Joshua Daniel Franklin wrote:
> > However, now I think perhaps I was supposed to get a
> > sponsor before submitting a package.
> You are supposed to submit a package and potentially review others
> waiting on queue to demonstrate knowledge on packaging for getting
> sponsored. If this isn't clear in the guidelines let me know and I will
> fix it.

OK, the "Getting Sponsored" section confused me:
If I re-read it carefully, it accurately describes the process, but some
statements could be easily misread, such as
"A sponsor will assist you with some aspects of packaging".

Additionally, I began at
(or actually at EPEL/SIG but that makes it clear you need to join Fedora first)
which has a wonderful ordered list of steps:

# Read the Guidelines
# Create a Bugzilla Account
# Join the important Mailing Lists
# Read Other Submissions
# Make a Package
# Upload Your Package
# Create Your Review Request
# Watch for Feedback
# Get a Fedora Account
# Get Sponsored

However, PackageMaintainers/HowToGetSponsored indicates that you should
do a few package reviews first since "sponsors will want to see what reviews
you have done". Also the sentence in the review section "the more you indicate
that you understand, the better your chances of being sponsored" makes it
sound like someone might sponsor you from reading your reviews.
(BTW, that page also lists FE-REVIEW twice.)


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