Log from this weeks EPEL-SIG meeting (20070718)

Michael Stahnke mastahnke at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 17:54:41 UTC 2007

[12:00] <stahnma> ping dgilmore, Jeff_S, knurd, mmcgrath, nirik, quaid
[12:00] * Jeff_S here
[12:00] <Jeff_S> hi
[12:00] * nirik is only going to be around for the first few
minutes... have another meeting I have to go off to. ;(
[12:00] <stahnma> ok
[12:00] <stahnma> any topics, you need to ring on nirik?
[12:00] <stahnma> anyone else around?
[12:01] * dgilmore is here
[12:01] <nirik> lets see... let me look at the schedule.
[12:02] <stahnma> We'll give people another minute or so, and then get started
[12:02] <nirik> would like to see the spam-o-matic active if it isn't
already. We need those broken deps fixed...
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[12:02] <stahnma> agreed, but it seems much/all of the issues stem
from lack of packges
[12:03] <nirik> yeah.
[12:04] *** You set the channel topic to "EPEL Meeting - broken Deps - Jeff_S".
[12:04] <stahnma> Jeff_S: not sure how your name alone got assigned to
this, but any updates?
[12:04] <Jeff_S> see my email I just sent out - there are still lots
of missing deps
[12:05] <Jeff_S> I agree with knurd that we should perhaps move them
to testing next week if we still don't have a response from the
[12:05] <stahnma> I saw that, do we have any plans for a solution?
[12:05] <dgilmore> quaid is likely not around
[12:05] <stahnma> ok, mmcgrath is also MIA
[12:05] * quaid is here, sorry
[12:05] <Jeff_S> if we can run the spammy script at least once more
this week, that might help bug people enough to fix things
[12:06] <stahnma> is it people fixing their own dependencies though,
or is dependencies between other packages?
[12:06] <dgilmore> mmcgrath: can you send out a summary of what be broke
[12:06] <Jeff_S> but I don't think we should sit around waiting for
everything to get fixed, as it may never happen
[12:06] <stahnma> Only a week to add/branch/build a lot of packages
seems pretty quick
[12:06] <mmcgrath> pong
[12:06] <mmcgrath> sorry
[12:06] <mmcgrath> Sure
[12:06] <Jeff_S> stahnma: it seems to me it is missing other people's packages
[12:06] <mmcgrath> let me do a run right now (it takes a bit)
[12:06] <stahnma> that was the impression I got also
[12:06] <nirik> I've found that if you mail maintainers direct with a
solution, most of them will do something... I can try and do that some
in the next few days.
[12:07] <Jeff_S> ie. people may need to step up and co-maintain for
epel to get their needed deps
[12:07] <nirik> there is some movement to fix bugzilla...
[12:07] * dgilmore wonders if mmcgrath will take fping :)  or should j-rod
[12:08] <Jeff_S> dgilmore: here's my list against centos:
[12:08] * nirik packs up to head out. Sorry I got double meeting
booked. Feel free to email me or catch me later if there is anything
specific folks would like me to help with.
[12:08] <stahnma> should we send an update out to the list once again,
asking them to branch/update status?  I feel like we have done this a
number of times already
[12:08] <stahnma> bye nirik
[12:09] <Jeff_S> stahnma: yes, we have done that already
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[12:09] <stahnma> ok, well maybe we talk about the testing solution then
[12:10] <dgilmore> i though i had blacklisted nagios from being multilib
[12:10] <Jeff_S> I think we need to either do that or drop the broken packages
[12:10] <stahnma> dgilmore: what's the feasability of quarentining
packages with broken deps?
[12:11] <dgilmore> stahnma: its  manual process
[12:11] <mmcgrath> hmm
[12:11] <dgilmore> i.e. move them out of the tree
[12:13] <stahnma> so tha't s quite painful?
[12:15] <stahnma> any proposed solution?
[12:15] <stahnma> should we bring it up on list again?  I really don't
understand the effort required from infrastructure side to remove
broken dep packages.
[12:15] <Jeff_S> knurd volunteered to do the work on that if needed
[12:16] <stahnma> that's a plus :)
[12:16] <stahnma> ok, next topic?
[12:16] <Jeff_S> well, can we all agree that something needs to get
done before announce?
[12:16] <stahnma> +1
[12:16] <Jeff_S> we can discuss specifics on the list
[12:17] <Jeff_S> is everyone gone? :)
[12:17] <mmcgrath> should I enable a weekly run of the spam script?
[12:17] * mmcgrath is running one right now with --nomail to get a
list of whats borked.
[12:17] <Jeff_S> mmcgrath: I think that would be nice
[12:17] *** You set the channel topic to "EPEL Meeting - spam o magic
script  - mmcgrath".
[12:18] <_blah_> weekly?  how about daily? :)
[12:18] <stahnma> I vote once the kinks are worked out, we enable it
[12:18] <Jeff_S> mmcgrath: is it easy to change the script to point to
testing/ once we start using that directory?
[12:19] <mmcgrath> stahnma: I think the kinks are mostly worked out,
Once this thing finishes I'll send it to paste bin (or the list if it
takes too long)
[12:20] <dgilmore> mmcgrath: id like to see a weekly run
[12:20] <Jeff_S> +1
[12:21] <mmcgrath> Jeff_S: yes, it should be pretty easy.
[12:22] <Jeff_S> great
[12:22] <stahnma> ok
[12:22] <stahnma> /topic EPEL Meeting – branch for EPEL if Fedora
maintainer does not
[12:22] <stahnma> react – knurd
[12:22] <stahnma> friggen
[12:22] <Jeff_S> :)
[12:22] *** You set the channel topic to "EPEL Meeting - branch for
EPEL if Fedora Maintainer does not react".
[12:23] <stahnma>
[12:23] <stahnma> This is what the List has put together
[12:23] <stahnma> do we like it?
[12:23] <stahnma> I think knurd wanted to ratify it
[12:23] <stahnma> I think it serves it's purpose
[12:23] <Jeff_S> works for me
[12:24] * stahnma looks around and wonders if anyone else will speak up
[12:24] * mmcgrath notes - http://pastebin.ca/624953 <--- spam-o-epel
script run on RHEL4 tree
[12:24] <_blah_> it isn't what is on the list
[12:25] <Jeff_S>
 <-- is that what should be in the wiki?
[12:26] <Jeff_S> it looks good to me
[12:26] <_blah_> jeff_s: yes, that is the latest from the list.
[12:27] * stahnma has the wrong URL? :)
[12:27] * stahnma will update the wiki
[12:28] <stahnma> with the text from list
[12:28] <stahnma> assuming we agree it says the right thing
[12:28] <_blah_> stahnma: thanks.  that is what needs to be done.
[12:28] <Jeff_S> +1
[12:28] <_blah_> i don't get a vote but +1 :)
[12:29] <stahnma> any thoughts quaid mmcgrath dgilmore?
[12:29] * quaid reads
[12:30] <quaid> I'm remiss in finishing the edit oon Guidelines... but
it's all language, not details
[12:30] <quaid> details seemed fine with me
[12:30] <stahnma> ok
[12:30] <Jeff_S> sorry, but I need to go!
[12:30] <stahnma> ok
[12:30] <stahnma> hmm
[12:30] <stahnma> we're reaching a very small number here
[12:30] <Jeff_S> I think we need knurd to discuss the meeting time anyway
[12:31] * stahnma would like to talk about meeting times, but not
enough people here....
[12:31] <dgilmore> i dont think we have enough people to make a descison
[12:31] <stahnma> (must be a bad time to have a meeting )
[12:31] * stahnma hints
[12:31] <Jeff_S> ;)
[12:31] <stahnma> mmcgrath: spam-o-matic output looks good
[12:31] <Jeff_S> usually this is good, but I've got a lot of stuff
that just came up...
[12:31] <stahnma> ok, I will move to general discussion and we'll
postpone the rest
[12:31] <dgilmore> We need to have things branched that are needed
[12:32] *** You set the channel topic to "EPEL - general discussion".
[12:32] <mmcgrath> stahnma: I expect epel5 to be finished running in a bit
[12:32] <stahnma> so dgilmore, are the cvs admins behind on branching,
or is it a lack of requests?
[12:33] <dgilmore> nirik: has been branching like crazy
[12:33] <dgilmore> its a lack of requests
[12:33] <stahnma> ok
[12:33] <stahnma> that's what I thought
[12:34] <stahnma> any thoughts on the RHEL5 server vs RHEL5 client stuff?
[12:34] <stahnma> other than, it's a headache
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[12:37] <dgilmore> no freaking idea
[12:37] <dgilmore> we need to find out what Red Hat support will find acceptable
[12:37] * mmcgrath shakes head and sighs.
[12:37] <dgilmore> which will probably require the skills of quaid
[12:37] <mmcgrath> dgilmore: thats probably the best route.
[12:38] <dgilmore> before we even think of something  we need to make
sure its ok
[12:38] <_blah_> mmcgrath: odd i tried to diff your spam-o-epel output
from mine, and the packages are slightly out of order making the diff
pointless.  in general they look very similar.
[12:39] <mmcgrath> _blah_: thats always fun.  I suppose you could sort
the output of each first.
[12:40] <quaid> dgilmore: sounds like we should stay away from
packaging stuff in RHX for now
[12:40] <quaid> give them some room to work things out
[12:40] <_blah_> riek seems responsive to getting usable RHEL5 Server
/ Client divides.
[12:40] <dgilmore> quaid: possibly yeah
[12:41] <dgilmore> quaid: i still want zimbra packaged in a sane fashion
[12:41] * stahnma thinks if we can fix Client/Server that would be a
great start.  RHX can wait a little while...at least official RHX in
[12:41] <dgilmore> and a syncml plugin so i can sync my
[12:42] <quaid> dgilmore: let's talk with dhuff about helping him help the ISVs?
[12:42] <dgilmore> quaid: sounds good
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[12:42] * rdieter sits in the back, shares popcorn with knurd_afk
[12:43] * dgilmore puts rdieter to work :)
[12:43] <stahnma> anything else?
[12:44] <_blah_> stahnma: +1
[12:44] <stahnma> _blah_: ?
[12:45] <_blah_> stahnma: RHX can wait.  fix Client/Server now.
[12:45] <stahnma> oh, I see
[12:45] <stahnma> :)
[12:45] <stahnma> planning to end meeting now...unless anyone has
somethign else to bring up
[12:46] <stahnma> next week will include meeting times and revisit of deps
[12:46] <stahnma> END in 30
[12:46] * frozty_sa wants to speak to stahnma after meeting has ended
[12:46] <stahnma> END in 15
[12:46] <stahnma> frozty_sa: ok
[12:47] <stahnma> END MEETING

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