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Stepping down from epel, request for self-nominations for successor

I'm stepping down from EPEL's Steering Committee. As a replacement I
recommend one of the following top five packagers in EPEL:

 steve silug org
 matthias rpmforge net
 rdieter math unl edu
 orion cora nwra com
 chris stone gmail com

EPEL's Steering Committee has a bad balance between deciders and
doers, therefore I suggest to try to get more packaging folks into the
game. Maybe that would bring back some things back to balance.

The reasons for stepping down are the following:

o Personal conflicts with Thorsten Leemhuis.

  Not much needs to be explained about this, whoever followed a couple
  of discussions will understand that Thorsten and I are not working
  well together. Many of the following issues are about where Thorsten
  is steering EPEL to.

o Disapproving EPEL's course

  I cannot stand for EPEL anymore, not within the project and even
  more not representing it to the outside. Since people outside EPEL
  think of me as a bridge between 3rd parties and EPEL I get the load
  of requests that I by now know I cannot push through into EPEL.

o Conflict of interests between EPEL and ATrpms (or successor)

  Given that I identify myself as primarily a non-EPEL third party
  contributor (ATrpms), and that cooperation requests like the
  repotag issue bounced off that ugly on EPEL, I can't fight myself,
  just as I don't want to fight other established third party
  repos and RHEL clones. The repotag aftermath alone costed me far too
  much manpower and things are still in need of further work.

o Conflict of interests between EPEL and FPC

  As the single overlap member between EPEL and FPC I was considered
  to mediate between the two groups, but I was found myself more often
  in the position of having to defend FPC from Thorsten's passing on
  unpleasant EPEL matters to the FPC.
Axel.Thimm at ATrpms.net

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