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EPEL report 2007, week 19

Hi all!

FESCo this week finally decided the details how sub-groups like EPEL
should report their doings. In short: there should be weekly reports
that must be send to fedora-maintainers for public discussion. The
reports also get send to the (private) FESCo-list, to make sure FESCo
members don't miss the reports in the noise.

This EPEL report is the first one that follows this new scheme -- note
that I'll send it to epel-devel-list as well (thus three lists in
total!), to make sure non-fedora-contributors that might be interested
in EPEL are also aware of what happened and are able join the
discussions (they can't on fedora-maintainers, as that's a private list
open only for contributors). My preferred discussion ground for replies
to this reports would be epel-devel-list, as that's open to everyone --
but I assume some discussions in reply to this reports will happen
either on both lists, or just on one. You have been warned. (Side note:
I hope we find a better solution after the mailing list reorganisation,
which got discussed months ago, but was put on hold until we have new
hardware in place and F7 out the door).

And another note: In the past EPEL had reports that were meeting-centric
-- e.g. mainly the summary of the meetings that happen on Wednesday at
17:00 UTC in #fedora-meeting on freenode. The reports in the future will
likely be meeting focused with a summary of the meeting as well, but
I'll try to integrate some general notes about what happened in
EPEL-land over the last week added as well, so non-EPEL contributors can
easily follow all the important happenings.

Find the report below!



= Weekly EPEL Summary =

Week 19/2007

== Most important happenings ==

 * Axel Thimm left the EPEL SIG and the EPEL Steering Committee; see
for details. The Steering Committee is looking for a replacement.

 * the Steering Committee elected knurd as its chairmen; stahnma will
act as backup

 * now that the RHEL5 rebuild is finished knurd will send a "if you
waited for a start signal to build your packages for EPEL this is it"
mail over the next few days to fedora-maintainers

 * repotags -- some discussion in the meeting again. It looks like it
will we'll continue without repotags (final decision probably in next
weeks meeting, after this summary has been posted and discussed). If you
want repotags please *speak up now* and *help* to find a technical
solution that is not only fine for the EPEL Steering Committee, but also
acceptable for the Fedora Packaging Committee and FESCo -- from
discussions on list and on IRC it looks like that some members of those
groups tend to be against using repotags (see this weeks FESCo meeting
for example) or want to see something cooperation statements signed by
EPEL and 3rd party repos before they are willing to accept repotags.

 In other words: it looks like it will be a whole lot of work to go for
repotags in EPEL -- some people might be willing to accept repotags if
someone does the wor out the details how to realize them in a way that
is acceptable for the different Committees. But it seems nobody is in
sight to do it. So if you want repotags and are willing to do that work
speak up now -- then there is a chance EPEL might get repotags in the
near future.

== EPEL SIG Meeting ==

=== Attending ===

>From the Steering Committee: dgilmore (partially), knurd, mmcgrath
(partially), nirik, stahnma

Other contributors that joined the meeting: rdieter, smooge

=== Summary ===

 * knurd was elected as chair by the steering committee in a wiki voting
over the past week; stahnma will act as a backup / kind of
"vice-president". See
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/EPEL/SteeringCommittee/Voting for details

 * thimm leaving / vacant seat in the Steering Committee : knurd will
mail those people that thimm suggested and ask them if they are willig
to become meber of the steering committee. Then we'll decide how to move on.

 * mass rebuild for RHEL5  -- knurd did rebuild the remaining arch
packages over the weekend; issue solved. knurd will send a "if you
waited for a start signal to build you packages for epel then this is
it" mail to fedora-maintainers over the next few days . knurd and
dgilmore will work something out to make branching lots of packages easier.

 * repotags/interaction with 3rd party repos  -- nirik> "we can't keep
discussing it forever. " Some discussions to "put our feed down" and go
as planed without repotags. See "Most important happenings" for more details

 * 00:30 and later; some discussions around commitment to EPEL4
   stahnma> | is anyone concerned about the lack of package for RHEL 4?
 It's seems like RHEL 5 has many  a but clean up here and there  and
RHEL 4 has few
   knurd> | stahnma, well, we have to see how it evolves ; seems some
contributors only want to do RHEL5 and later
   nirik> | there are probibly some things that won't work on rhel4,
since versions are old, etc.
   See full log for all the details

 * knurd did a some cleanup and additions to the EPEL docs in the wiki
and asks people to look over the changes

 * QA process/testing repo/upload -- we need someone to look into that
(bodhi, push scrips) closer. Any volunteers?

=== Full meeting log ===


== Stats ==

=== EPEL 5 ===

Number of source packages:  225

Number of binary packages:  373

Packages added over the past week:

 * boolstuff | Disjunctive Normal Form boolean expression library
 * php-pear-Structures-DataGrid-DataSource-MDB2 | DataSource driver
using PEAR::MDB2 and an SQL query
 * php-pear-Structures-DataGrid-DataSource-RSS | DataSource driver using
RSS files
 * php-pear-Structures-DataGrid-Renderer-Pager | Renderer driver using
 * pmount | Enable normal user mount
 * python-Coherence | Python framework to participate in digital living
 * python-decoratortools | Use class and function decorators -- even in
Python 2.3

=== EPEL 4 ===

Number of source packages:  158

Number of binary packages:  312

Packages added over the past week:

 * boolstuff | Disjunctive Normal Form boolean expression library
 * python-Coherence | Python framework to participate in digital living

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