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Re: EPEL report 2007, week 19

On Sat, 2007-05-12 at 13:22 +0200, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
> Find the report below!

Overall, looks great.  A few comments below.

> = Weekly EPEL Summary =
> Week 19/2007
> == Most important happenings ==
>  * Axel Thimm left the EPEL SIG and the EPEL Steering Committee; see
> https://www.redhat.com/archives/epel-devel-list/2007-May/msg00019.html
> for details. The Steering Committee is looking for a replacement.

Unfortunate.  We wish Axel the best.

>  * the Steering Committee elected knurd as its chairmen; stahnma will
> act as backup

Could we use Real Names instead of IRC nicks?  I know who knurd is but I
don't know who stahnma is.

>  * now that the RHEL5 rebuild is finished knurd will send a "if you
> waited for a start signal to build your packages for EPEL this is it"
> mail over the next few days to fedora-maintainers
>  * repotags -- some discussion in the meeting again. It looks like it
> will we'll continue without repotags (final decision probably in next
> weeks meeting, after this summary has been posted and discussed). If you
> want repotags please *speak up now* and *help* to find a technical
> solution that is not only fine for the EPEL Steering Committee, but also
> acceptable for the Fedora Packaging Committee and FESCo -- from
> discussions on list and on IRC it looks like that some members of those
> groups tend to be against using repotags (see this weeks FESCo meeting
> for example) or want to see something cooperation statements signed by
> EPEL and 3rd party repos before they are willing to accept repotags.

Just some clarification.  Yes, FESCo overall didn't see a good reason to
use repotags.  If EPEL chooses to do so, FESCo won't stand in the way.
It would be unfortunate, however, if EPEL and FESCo packaging guidelines


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